Dompet Aman is a digital marketplace with an open architecture that is well curated and driven by the younger generation. As an application, Dompet Aman identifies selected resources and the best quality solution providers to maximize sustainable wealth for each member of Dompet Aman

Dompet Aman can be seen as a house that rests on 4 (four) pillars. This pillar consists of important aspects that support the life of every human being, namely finance, health, lifestyle and humanity. Realizing that sustainable wealth is not only determined by material wealth, Dompet Aman provides Aman Finance, Aman Health, Aman Lifestyle, and Aman Social for its members to enjoy in order to maximize their wealth in every aspect of life.

To register at Dompet Aman, you need to be a BPJS Kesehatan participant. Dompet Aman can only be accessed by BPJS Kesehatan participants. If you have become a BPJS Kesehatan participant, you only need to enter your personal data and BPJS Kesehatan number when registering to become a member of the Dompet Aman and fulfill the obligation to pay the BPJS Kesehatan monthly fee. If you are not yet a BPJS Kesehatan participant, you can register to become a BPJS Kesehatan participant through Safe Wallet then register to become a member of the Dompet Aman

Interested companies need to register on a B2B basis by contacting the Dompet Aman team so that employees and clients of the company can enjoy the Dompet Aman application more than ordinary Dompet Aman members. The first step is to send an email to so that requests can be followed up immediately. After the B2B registration process has been completed, employees or clients of registered companies can register in the Dompet Aman application by selecting the company they are sheltering based on the company name and the BPJS Kesehatan number used by the company for payment of BPJS Kesehatan insurance contributions for the employee or client.

For individual registration, all you have to do is fill in your personal data including your BPJS Kesehatan number when registering to become a member of the Dompet Aman

One of the advantages that Dompet Aman offers is that your account is connected to accounts belonging to your family members. With this, the points that you earn by transacting in Dompet Aman can be combined with points from other members of your family.

Every transaction in Dompet Aman is an opportunity for Dompet Aman members to accumulate points. The number of points that have been collected can be spent again in Dompet Aman. Points can be used to pay zakat / waqf through Aman Social, pay BPJS Kesehatan monthly dues, or re-spend in Dompet Aman digital market.

To become Dompet Aman partners, contact Dompet Aman team with this email or send a message through "Contact Us" page and Dompet Aman team will call you and discuss the matter

Transactions and payments can be done in various ways, namely through Virtual Accounts, ATM / Bank Transfers, QR Codes via GoPay or OVO, and Offline Payments through the nearest Indomaret kiosk