Pay BPJS Kesehatan through Dompet Aman while you gather all your points!

What is BPJS Kesehatan?

BPJS Kesehatan is a public legal entity that reports directly to the President and has the task of administering National Health insurance for all Indonesians.

All BPJS Kesehatan users are required to pay dues regularly. Paying BPJS Health dues is now easier. And you can get aman bonus points if you make payments via Dompet Aman.


With BPJS, Dompet Aman gives easy facility and more benefit!


For All

All Indonesian citizens are required to have BPJS Kesehatan and are entitled to the facilities and benefits of BPJS Kesehatan. BPJS Kesehatan does not require a Medical Check-up process and covers all types of diseases, including congenital diseases.


Promotive Services

BPJS Kesehatan provides preventive services such as counseling, immunization, family planning and health screening.


Curative & Rehabilitation Services

BPJS Kesehatan provides outpatient and inpatient services, including medicines and medical materials needed.


Non-Medical Services

BPJS Kesehatan provides non-medical services such as ambulances and accommodation.


Affordable dues

BPJS payments use the premium system commonly used by insurance. BPJS premiums or BPJS fees are very affordable for all levels of Indonesian society


No Limit

BPJS Kesehatan has no ceiling limit and every owner of BPJS Kesehatan will get full service with the selected insurance class and as long as they have registered and paid dues regularly.


Trusted Medical Experts

Every doctor who joins in already has a registration certificate and a license to practice from the Health Office so it is very safe and reliable.


Connects Hospitals & Public Health Center

BPJS Kesehatan partner hospitals and Puskesmas are spread all over Indonesia to provide the best facilities and services. Safe Wallet will connect you with Health care providers directly.

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