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A letter from
Salina Nordin, Founder

My life aspiration for my family like with many other parents , has always been to ensure that our children will be protected from the global gimmicks and challenges in their future undertakings . One of the blended 2020 pandemic experience which produces positive strength is that we have a restart of opportunities in its playing field when focusing on one mental resilience to survive through its challenges. Is that possible? Having An ecosystem that provides them guidance and path to directions that can help them carve a brilliant future not only for themselves but for many others.


Growing up in a beautiful country with more than 270 million people, Indonesia provides a prosperous land with some worldly challenges but many opportunities.


For many years, connecting the dots of similar synergies and energies has been my passion. Excelled with digitalization, the world has become flatter and more reachable and approachable for millions of us.


Through the eyes and energy of our young generations drivers and for me, guided by my children, Tania and Denzel and our young management team, Dompet Aman users journey was delicately strategize with a dream to synergy experts offerings through an Indonesia gateway to help enhance curation of sustainable wealth solutions and resources pillars, always aligned to UN SDG in creating a safe haven for all social class.


Our private public partnership with BPJS kesehatan was an ideal beginning for Indonesia to set Dompet Aman’s vision to be the Global Center of Excellence with a mission to stimulate the young, the global partnerships and maximize the sharia opportunities to provide an eternal cross subsidies between social class for many social development solutions.


Together with our young Dompet Aman. management team diligently connecting, friends, families, mentors and corporate partners relationships across the globe combining respective accumulated flying hours of expertise and experience, We welcome everyone to connect and energize Dompet Aman as a hub for digital transformation to maximize our sustainability opportunities and achieve your life aspirations.


Thank you,
Salina Nordin